The school is managed by the Headteacher.  There are five full-time and four part-time teachers.

Headteacher: Mrs Lisa Huotari

Year R – Imps’ Class: Mrs M. Felicetti
Year 1 – Pixies’ Class: Mrs M. Fleming
Year 2 – Elves’ Class: Miss C. Klein
Year 3 – Hobbits’ Class: Mrs V. Jukes and Mr A. Langley (Deputy Headteacher)
Year 4 – Dragons’ Class: Miss R. Baker
Year 5 – Griffins’ Class: Mr A. Oleksin
Year 6 – Unicorns’ Class: Miss S. Moore

Inclusion Co-ordinator (SENCO): Mrs C. Archibald

Teaching Assistants
Imps’ Class: Mrs C. Calzolari and Mrs B. Green
Pixies’ Class: Miss A. Gallagher and Mrs S. Dickenson
Elves’ Class: Mrs G. Welsh 
Hobbits’ Class: Mrs A. Truett
Dragons’ Class: Mrs L. Barden
Griffins’ Class: Mrs P. Stevens and Miss M. Lee
Unicorns’ Class: Mrs L. Harrison

Interventions: Mrs T. Blackie, Mrs Langley and Mrs S. Phelps

Administrative Staff

School Business Manager: Mr A. Gretton
Finance Officer: Mrs J. Barham
Clerical Officer: Mrs M. Tidd

Premises Staff
Site Manager: Mr A. Burton